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Love Your Life (Yes, It's Possible!)

I spent 20 years of my life unhappy, unhealthy and with zero confidence in myself or my ability to be successful. I was constantly looking for that "feel better quick" trick that would help me to love myself once and for all.  

in 2016, I thought I had finally made it. I had finished residency and was starting my dream career as a full time Ob/Gyn physician. I expected to feel confident and happy and fulfilled. I felt none of those things. I was devastated.

Then I learned about self-coaching. Over the last 4 years, I have created my ideal life, feeling more confident and fulfilled than I ever thought was possible for me. Then I retraced my steps so I could help others get the same (or better) results. That's what this course is.  It helps you to become exactly the amazing person you want to be.  You know that you are meant for more and self-coaching will help you achieve all your goals.

What you'll get:

  • The self-paced course with lifetime access
  • 6 modules that help you face your current reality, discover what you want and why, the roadmap of how to get there and then how to deal with all the obstacles that will get in your way (imposter syndrome, hating your job, other people...)
  • My 3 step process to discovering and then overcoming what's holding you back
  • Monthly group coaching calls for personalized guidance and problem solving
  • Money Back guarantee. If you take this course, participate in coaching, complete the recommended activities and you do not benefit from it, I will refund you in full!

You are reading this for a reason. You are feeling restless or stuck or wondering "now what?". You thought you'd feel confident and fulfilled and satisfied but you just don't yet. I made this course for you.

What would it be worth to you if you could wake up in 3 months and look forward to your job? To have a sense of peace about your life and your future because you know exactly where you are going.  Living a life that you are the priority and you have NO guilt about it. This is all possible for you. You don't have to believe it yet. That's ok. I believe it enough for you!

What Other People Are Saying...

“The exercises were really good tools to coming up with a plan for improvement. I appreciated the information Kristin shared about her own personal experiences and how she implemented changes to combat imposter syndrome and improve job and life satisfaction. She was very helpful in identifying some key thoughts that are not serving me, and how I can change my inner narrative. Learned more about the power of our thoughts and how we can consciously shape our thoughts to better serve us.”


“Kristin’s course is instrumental if you’re ready to empower your life and take control over your thoughts. Each course is informative and Kristin made it easy for me to find connections with my own experiences. She helped me think about my thoughts, my behaviors, and my beliefs about myself in an entirely new way. I loved that each course is brief and easy to refer to again and again, so that this work can be ongoing. Repetition of these steps is key and Kristin highlights major changes I could make in straightforward steps. I’d highly recommend this to anyone (not just doctors!) ready for self-work!”


“I am SUPER impressed with this course! Kristin rocked it!”


“I am a part-time outpatient family physician. After 12 years of being an attending, I wondered what was holding my confidence back? Dr Yates' videos encouraged me to see that I am worth the time focusing on my goals! I spend a lot of time helping others, which I do love, BUT I can be a stronger doctor, mother, wife by reacquainting myself with me! Clarity in my path leads to confidence!”