Self Coaching Mastery for Early Career Professional Women

How to stop feeling stuck and finally feel confident at work.

Lack of confidence as a physician can be devastating to our careers. Some of the challenges you may be experiencing are rumination about past mistakes, anxiety about what your patient and/or colleagues are thinking about you, fear to operate or that you will make an inaccurate diagnosis. If you’re like most of us, I think deep down inside, the potential problem is that you feel like you’re not a good enough doctor or surgeon and maybe everyone else thinks that too. 

What I think it is that all doctors desire is the ability to operate without anxiety, leave work at work and stop feeling like an imposter. At our core, what we want is to feel confident in our job and feel respected by our patients and colleagues.

This 6-week immersion is the step-by-step process to achieving genuine and lasting confidence.

What you’ll get:

If you commit to this program, participate in the calls and you don’t feel more confident, you get a full refund. There is no risk to you.

Participate to this program, there is no risk to you.

What Other Physicians Have To Say:

Don't let yesterday take up too much of today

- Will Rogers