I create adventures that teach women how to overcome self doubt and find career fulfillment through fun and play.

I can’t imagine a greater tragedy than remaining forever unknown to myself

Hi! I'm Kristin

I am an Ob/Gyn and Life Coach. I help overwhelmed physicians get rid of self-doubt and cultivate genuine confidence through fun and play.

So many of us wake up every day and are full of doubt, convinced that we got where we are by mistake, fearing judgement and failure. Constantly on the lookout for external validation with the hope that it will help us to believe that we really are good enough.

You can love your career and your life. It is possible to prioritize your own needs without guilt. You are worth investing in.

Your dreams are valid.

Here's How I Can Help

Confidence Building Bundle

Learn what is preventing you from feeling confident at work. whether in the OR, on call or in clinic. I will teach you the most common cause of self doubt, the one thing to stop doing immediately to increase your confidence and more. Click below to get the Bundle. 

Conscious Confidence Course

Comprehensive and self guided course helping women physicians get unstuck, increase career satisfaction and stop doubting themselves.

Stop obsessing over other people’s opinions


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